My ETF IQ Test

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Earlier this week I had the great pleasure of appearing live on the Bloomberg TV show ETF IQ.
We managed to cover a lot of ground in one segment, including:

  • The recent equity selloff
  • Momentum investing
  • MLPs
  • International bonds

Full clip below:

Shout out to Eric Balchunas for inviting me to be on the show – I had such a blast! And many thanks to Scarlet Fu and Carolina Wilson for being total pros and making sure it wasn’t too obvious this was my first time on TV 

Some pics from the trip:

It’s always fun visiting New York City, and even better when you have a chance to meet up with some local friends. Thanks to everyone from “Finance Twitter” that came out to dinner!

I was able to confirm that the green room is, in fact, green

It’s go time!

Eric is a maestro working the ETF data on the big screen.

The Huber Financial team having a watch party in our Lincolnshire office. My co-workers are the best!

Until next time NYC 

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Philip Huber is Chief Investment Officer for Huber Financial Advisors and also serves as chairman of the firm’s Investment Committee. He takes an active role in the development of market intelligence and thought leadership designed to educate clients and communicate the firm’s investment philosophy. More about me here.
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