A Twitter Recap of the Year’s Best Investment Conference

After attending Tuesday’s Evidenced Based Investing Conference in New York City, all I have to say is…WOW.  It was an absolute top-notch event from top to bottom.

One thing that was notable at this conference more than any other was the level of social media engagement.  Often at events like this, you see some people glued to their phones not out of excitement, but out of boredom.  This was different.  The Finance Twitter community was out in full force and the magic elixir of an All-Star lineup, constructive debate, actionable insights and plenty of humor made this occasion one to remember and certainly solidified it as a going concern.

I won’t give a detailed recap here as a few others have already beat me to it.  See:

These are the Highlights (The Reformed Broker)

My Evidence-Based Observations (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Notes from the 2016 Evidence-Based Investing Conference (ValueWalk)

Instead, I compiled some of the top Tweets throughout the conference from myself and other attendees, broken out by session. So without further ado:

Opening Remarks


The Death of the 60/40 Portfolio (Again)


Keynote Presentation followed by Fireside Chat







The Role of Systematic Alternative Strategies


Organizational Alpha


The Business Side of Quantitative


Red Flags – Using Evidence to Avoid Major Investing Mistakes


Keynote Address







Smart Beta Bubble or Factor Investing Renaissance?


Asset Allocators and Evidence-Based Investing




The Limitations of Evidence


A big thank you to the entire Ritholtz team and to the conference organizers at IMN. See you all next year for Round Two! Until then, let’s continue to…




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