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About Phil Huber, CFA, CFP®

Philip Huber is Chief Investment Officer for Huber Financial Advisors and also serves as chairman of the firm’s Investment Committee. He takes an active role in the development of market intelligence and thought leadership designed to educate clients and communicate the firm’s investment philosophy. More about me here.
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Multifactor Multiplicity

Last week, Bloomberg’s Tom Psarofagis (Sarah-Fay-Guess) tweeted out this list of multifactor U.S. equity ETFs that showed their 2018 performance relative to the S&P 500, as proxied by SPY: Only… Read more »

BBBe Careful

The corporate bond market has nearly doubled over the last ten years. According to the Financial Times, there has been in excess of $1 Trillion (with a T) of issuance… Read more »

My ETF IQ Test

Earlier this week I had the great pleasure of appearing live on the Bloomberg TV show ETF IQ. We managed to cover a lot of ground in one segment, including: The… Read more »


Phil here – Today I am delighted to share the first ever guest post on the blog from my colleague and Portfolio Manager at Huber Financial Advisors, Danny Noonan. No, not… Read more »

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