ETF Prime Time

It’s always a treat meeting some of your favorite Twitter follows at investment conferences and events. Back in February, I had the pleasure of meeting Nate Geraci for the first… Read more »

Benign Myths in Financial Advice

This week’s episode of Patrick O’Shaughnessy’s Invest Like the Best podcast featured three-time (!) guest, Michael Mauboussin. If you’re not familiar with Michael’s work, he is the Director of Research for BlueMountain Capital… Read more »

In Defense of Complexity

Last year, I wrote about the proclivity of human beings to bucket things into black and white terms. I listed out fifteen examples specific to investing that (IMO) require a more nuanced, grey… Read more »

The Abdication of Bill Gross

Before Gundlach. Before Ivascyn. Before Rivelle. Before Minerd. Before Rieder. Before Leech. There was Gross. The investing world was buzzing yesterday when it was announced that Bill Gross, at age… Read more »

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